Evaluation and treatment


  • duration
  • circonstances d'apparition
  • sweating
  • room temperature
  • prodromes

Complete status

ECG (12 leads)

  • conduction disorders (or specific patterns for arrhythmogenic disease, delta or epsilon wave or Brugada syndrome)
  • arrhythmias
  • QT interval prolongation
  • sinus arrest

Laboratory examination

  • Hb
  • glycemia
  • électrolytes
  • CK
  • troponines
  • creatinine

Blood pressure measurement

  • lying and standing position

If a final diagnosis is found adapt the treatment, if not, decided about hospitalization of the patient based on the following scores: OESIL et EGSYS.

Low risk and first episode

  • Send the patient at home.

Low risk and recidive

  • carotid sinus massage
  • orthostatism test
  • tilt test
  • Holter monitoring
  • stress test (if syncope on effort)
  • long lasting arrhythmia monitoring (Reveal)

High risk (hospitalized the patient and initiate the following examinations)

  • ECG monitoring
  • echocardiography
  • tilt test
  • Holter monitoring
  • electrophysiological testing
  • stress test