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This application was sponsored by the Cardiovascular Scientific Fund of Fribourg (Switzerland).

This application is intended for healthcare professionals and reflects standardized processes for the management of patients with cardiovascular diseases in the Fribourg care network.

The application can be used only as an adjunct to medical decision.

It does not replace clinical experience from a medical practitioner.

For many patients, any patient supported outside the care system should be directed to the nearest health network or the fastest.

Significant efforts have been made to the information contained in this application are more reliable. Nevertheless, the total data accuracy can not be guaranteed.

We welcome constructive feedback.

We advise you to make updates to ensure better care for your patients.

Thank you for using Cardio-EN!


  • Yves Alleman
  • Diego Arroyo
  • Gérard Baeriswyl
  • Stephen Cook
  • Jean-Jacques Goy
  • Denis Graf
  • Serban Puricel
  • Jean-Christophe Stauffer
  • Mario Togni

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