Diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment


Decision to administer endocarditis prophylaxis depend on the underlying cardiopathy and on the body site treated.

  1. Cardiopathy requiring prophylaxis.
  2. Treated body site.

Prophylaxis administered following body treatment site

  1. Digestive tract.
  2. Urogenital trac.
  3. Gynecology.
  4. Skin.
  5. Toth, OHNS, respiratory tract .

Urogenital tract

Prophylaxis if:

  • intervention with active urinary infection.

No prophylaxis if:

  • elective intervention with sterile urines (prostate surgery, cystoscopy, ureteral dilatation).

Prophylaxis(1 hour before the intervention).

Parenteral: Amoxicilline/ac. clavulanique (Augmentin) 2.2 g i.v.

  • If acute or delayed penicillin allergy: Vancomycine (Vancocin) 1 g i.v. combined with antibiotics against Gram - Amikacin or Ciprofloxacine (Ciproxine). Treatment duration depend from infection type. Pipéracilline (Tazobac) if septic shock.