Treatment of confirmed NSTEMI

Cardiac monitoring/Defibrillator (SI/SC), Venflon LSA. Oxygen.

  • Aspirin 500mg iv bolus.
  • One of the following drug:
    • Ticagrelor (Brilique) 180mg (2cps of 90mg) orally.
    • Prasugrel (Efient) 60 mg (6 cps of 10mg) orally.
    • Clopidogrel (Plavix) 600 mg (8cps of 75mg or 2cps of 300mg) orally.
  • One of the following drug:
  • Morphine and Nitrates if needed
  • Based on clinical evalutation: ß-blockers (ex.metoprolol (Lopresor) 5mg iv slow, 3 times in 15 minutes) CAVE: Inferiror infarction.
  • Coronarography et angioplasty within 24-48 hours.

Note for heparines: Fondaparinus (Arixtra) should be preferred (less bleeding) after angioplasty. Heparine unfractionned should be preferred immediately after angioplasty (risk of catheter thrombosis during catheterism).